Great game. Excited to see the full release!
-Testplayer from Seattle-Indies-Expo

Sacre Bleu - Fact Sheet

A Steam-punk-Zombie musketeer-adventure by Hildring Studio.

-Sacre Bleu offers cheerful hack and slash combined with agile platforming and puzzles.

-Set in  1650's Paris. In the middle of a zombie-invation.
 You are a Musketeer imprisoned on false charges.
 Fight your way out and find the evil-doers who framed you.

Now in development for:

I'm an image
I'm an image


-Sacre Bleu will include 18+ levels spread across 3 different chapters in the corrupt  and zombie-infested-steampunk France anno 1650 ad.

-An ever-changing array of mechanics will keep the game fresh.

-An epic scored soundtrack.

-A very distinct art-style. Mixing flashy 2D-cartoons with rich 3D-backgrounds.

-The most charming take on pretend-French  you'll find in any game!

-Sacre Bleu will have control-options for disabled players.

-Localization for more languages! Plus making it open for fan-based translations.

Super smooth controls. I love the hand drawn look
-Testplayer from Seattle-Indies-Expo


Who is Sacre Bleu for?

-Sacre Bleu has a  target-audience between 10-15 years old. 

-Aims for an T for Teen rating from ESRB / IARC
-Sacre Bleu contains fantasy-violence but no blood and no suggestive themes


I love this GAME!!!
-People in Seattle clearly got excited about Sacre Bleu


Pixel-Perfection on many platforms 

Built with Epics Unreal-Engine4, Sacre Bleu is compatible with most platforms.


-Currently playable on Nintendo Switch and PC


-Plans to expand to all platforms that has gamepad-input

-Optimizing early on for the Nintendo Switch is advantageous as it ensures it'll run smoothly on the stronger systems (mac,pc,XBox &Ps4)


It looks great! And my 8 year old daughter loved it too!
A Dad who brought his daughter to a convention


 -Price-point: Would sit on $16.99 Canadian dollars

-Target platforms: Currently developed for Nintendo Switch and PC. But will be available for Xbox/playstation etc. 

 What stage is production at?

 -Sacre Bleu is at 15% of production. The main framework is made. The focus is being shifted over to creating content and finding funding.

The remaining 85% of production entails:


  • 4   + tilesets
  • 15 +levels
  • 6   + enemy types
  • 2   + player skins
  • 5   +bosses


 A core idea of Sacre Bleu is that it should be accessible to anyone. And we are looking forward to make Sacre Bleu accessible to Musketeers of all sizes and shapes.

Partnership opportunity

Hildring studio, my company, is looking for experienced publishers or partners in order to finalize Sacre Bleu and port it to more platforms.

If you are interested in working together or want to know more, Let me know on


About Hildring Studio

Stein Loetveit

Stein has 13-years-experience as animator. With experience from films like Lego, Gravity, Cinderella and Spiderman: Into the spiderverse, he is the creative brains behind Sacre Bleu. Stein handles the design, direction,art and most of the coding.


--But my oh my, we've picked up some contractors along the way--



Santiago Alvarez Vargas

Santi is a software-engineer and will be handling Nintendo Switch-support and the more heavy lifting of the development-side. He has worked on several multi-platform games, more recently he finished "Pop and Plunder" - for GSN Games, "Moana: Rhythm Run" - for Disney Interactive and "Puppet Kings" for Timba Games.

Carina Kom

Our producer, Carina Kom is an award-nominated game changer; a game designer turned producer with 10+ years of experience in indie and AAA game spaces. Her previous roles have left her in a position of speaking authority at events like Casual Connect, P.V.P: Pitch Circuit, Women in Games Vancouver, Women in Tech, and Pocket Gamer. Carina's added experience in game design is an asset that will be used to predict project milestones that are engaging and tested for quality. She currently consults with indie developers while also producing AAA project: Halo Infinite.

Cody DeBoer

Cody is our Musician. When he is not found music'ing he is typically Art-directing film-sets in the Vancouver-area


Pierre Prinzbach

Pierre will be our second artist. He is great at color-schemes, lighting and an unstoppable force when it comes to platforming-ideas. At day-time he is lighting block-busters in Vancouver.


Carl Stavney

Carl is a recent writing-graduate and helps writing the story of Sacre Bleu! His short-stories are awesome and he has been a great help fleshing out the universe of Sacre Bleu.