My name is Stein, and this is "Sacre Bleu"!



Steampunk 1650's Paris.

You are a Musketeer. Thrown into prison on false charges.

Fight your way out and find who framed you!   And save France from a looming Zombie invasion!


Currently being made for Nintendo Switch and PC 





Key features:



-Mixing playful hack-and-slash with puzzles and a host of different mechanics.

  • Slow-mo' shooting?
  • Rocket-jumping?
  • Barrel-floating?
  • Steampunk-battle-armor?
  • Stealth-platforming-with-unconscious-lady-in-a-squeeky-wheel-chair?


The idea is to change up mechanics and play-style frequently to keep the game engaging! Giving each level a different feel!



-Core pillars are traversal, combat and puzzles. But Combined!

Combat is a form of traversal. Use it to your advantage in  demanding puzzle- and platforming-levels.


.......While facing a horde of varied enemies....


 -Gorgeous and cheerful 2.5D art-style! ..But I might be biased.


 -Sacre Bleu sits inbetween Rayman and Castle Crashers in terms of gameplay and feel.


Henry in jail!


Partnership opportunity:


Hildring studio, my company, is looking for experienced publishers or partners in order to finalize Sacre Bleu and port it to more platforms.

If you are interested in working together or want to know more, Let me know on

I’d be more than happy to answer any questions...I’d LOVE to hear from you.

Even if it’s just feedback...or you found a bug….or...heck..even an automated response telling me you are on vacation. Anything! 




If you enjoyed the demo, trailer, story, art or whatever..  and you'd like to know more.
Please hit me up on the email below. My name is Stein, and I'd love to hear from you.


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