-Set in an alternate Paris anno 1650

Sacre Bleu 

A Steam-punk-Zombie musketeer-adventure by Hildring Studio

The Story-synopsis

Henry is a captain of the musketeers, who finds himself thrown into prison on false charges.

The player must find her way out of prison.

Helped by Madeleine, a scientist-lady in a wheelchair. The dynamic duo must escape prison, find the persons who framed Henry whilst uncovering a plot to tip the scales in France.



The Characters


Proud servant of the kingdom of France! Finds himself locked up for no reason in the infamous prison of Bastille. 

Although a capable individual, stripped of weapons and equipment the player can only hope someone will come to the rescue..


Play as Henry or Henriette. It is your choice


..Enter Madeleine. A scientist-lady of a certain age. In a wheelchair.

Ahead of her times, the church had her thrown into Bastille several years ago. 

She has made a network of tunnels in the prison-walls. Leading down to her secret lab where she can work undisturbed finding a cure to the oncoming Zombie-epidemic.


..Madeleine is not held back by any wheelchair, but rather enhanced by it.


Yes. Someone is turning the guards and armies of France into Zombies. But what for? And why is Henry thrown into prison? It all seems so strangely connected!


The Areas

Set in an alternate 1650 where the world knows steam-technology, airships, baloons and loads of clunky yet elegant weapons and gadgets.

Chapter 1, Bastille

Paris' infamous prison. From the top of its towers and down to its fiery bowels, its a monolith of pain. 

The player must help and be helped to escape. come both guards and inmates seems to be turning into zombies?


Chapter 2, Notre Dame

Escaping Bastille, Henry and Madeleine will follow clues to The church our Lady. 

Once a sacred place, the clergy is now dead-set on defiling it! What for?




Chapter 3, Versailles

Our duo finds evidence that leads them to Versailles.

Our duo finds evidence that leads them to Versailles. The Royal-palace and gardens. Epicenter of political power...and quarrel in France.

After crashlanding with an airship in the gardens, our heroes must stealth their way into the Palace, locate the royals, and figure out what exactly is going on in the kingdom of France.